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I'm a full-stack developer with a passion for learning new things. I build web applications using popular frameworks such as React and Vue for the frontend and Express for the backend, with TypeScript across the board. When a database is required, I use MySQL for relational data and MongoDB or Firebase as non-relational alternatives. I containerize all of my apps with Docker to simplify the development process and deploy everything on AWS.

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Some of my projects

The frontends are stored on S3 buckets and delivered by CloudFront to custom subdomains and the backends run on different ports of an EC2 instance managed with EBS. They use Docker for local development, which creates containers for the frontend and backend and a database when necessary.



Minesweeper clone built with Vue, Express, and MongoDB.



Stats and analytics app built using React, Express, and the Riot API.



Task app built with Vue, Express, and MySQL.



Snake clone built React, Express, and Firebase.

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